Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why i LOVE my Superman

dear.theres no more i hope from you..enough i know you will love me till the end of my breath.. :)

i love him becoz when he want say he love me..he not say that he love me as much as i love him,but he said he love me more than i love him

i love him becoz when i mad to him..he never mad me back..but he said,, “pergaduhan hanya merenggangkan hubungan kita”so..i`m queit listen for that..saya xnak berenggang ngn dy

i love him becoz bila dia nak cakap yang saya cantik,dy xkan cakap saya pling cantik.. dia always told me..benar..ramai lagi perempuan cantik didalam dunia ini compare dengan saya..but im perfect enough for him..even I jelous bila dia ckp perempuan lain ramai lagi yang cantik..but at last.i knew..at least..dia xbohong…dia tak hiperbola..so I accept it..

i love him becoz dia jarang tunjuk kat public that dia care bout me or he love me…but when public aren’t see..dia totally changed till I cant stand to hear he repeat that –i love u..i love u..i love u..i love u..i love u sayang !!
i love him becoz when i was in problem..he not showed that he really2 want to help me but he always give a me support from back and always pray for me...he will do anything for me..

i love him becoz when i was sulking with him ..he not to beg me..but he said “he miss my smile and my laugh,when he will see that again”..after that,i will smile for him

i love him becoz when i`m jealous looked him kidding with other woman..i will queit for a while and don`t want to pick up the phone when he call me..but a second later i will get message from him,he said “even he laugh with other woman,he never try to fall in love with them..he not to look their eyes like he look my eyes..so,thats different myself and them......”

i love him becoz when he saw me happy with some guy..he will talk to me “dear,if not happy with me,ples tell me so that i can try to make you happy more than thatz guy make you happy...”

I love him becoz..each time die bermsg dengan other girl..he will let me know that girl text him.he showed me what did he talk about with that girl...even im rarely told him that I texting other guys.

i love him becoz ..he always be true when he with me..no hipokrit story to tell..die x suka marah..suka menyakat,dia manja..sometimes die disgusting..sometimes dia sgt polite…I knew that..its him..even kadang2..saya sendiri xsanggup nak tunjukkn kelemahan saya kat dia..i always shows the good things je..but he never do that..even perkara yang sgt menjelekkan pon..die let me know..dia tulus..

 I love him because…he said that..he is not going to promise me anything..but he will do it..he dont promise me that I always in his priority..but he will always remember…he ever love me before...so I accept it…dia tak memberi saya pengharapan yang tinggi…tapi dia memberi saya cinta yang saya rasainya sekarang.

:superman ..man..man..man ! kamu akan selalu ada dihati kite taw..huhu..this entry special for you..

 love is a precious feel that Allah was gave to everyone..and i want you know how much I love you,how much i care about you..love can make someone crazy..and I the other one,when I feel you was far away from me,I will become crazy think about that..superman,thanks for give me a love and i promise to care that love.. “you will always be my SUPERMAN!”

ismi cahaya_superman

notatangan:entry dibuat apabila hati begitu merindui superman..

thanks for reading this 

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