Thursday, 4 April 2013

Never give up !

Assalamualaikum dearest..

people dont read your blog..even u wrote a good entry..even u talk about serious things that everybody should know..but still people dont read the same time jugak..some poeple wrote just  rubbish entries..but people love to read it..u have a blog..u have your opinion but nobody listen..
its okay sayang..

people dont comment or respond to your status on fb..even u post something tragic mom nazak kat hospital"..but people ignore you..and if someone important post something like " ummm" ..everyone is asking..why and why...
its okay sayang..

people never appreciate what you have sacrifies for them..people just say thanks and leave...and after that..they dont contact you anymore..sometimes..rasa diri macam melukuk ditepi gantang...even you are doing something heavy in order to help them..but people dont appreciate you..but bila someone yang jadi favorite just buat something yang so childish like " hey i spend one minute tau tuk say hai to u"..people remember to the death.."wahh bagus la dia..sanggup spend masa nak tegur i".. but for things that u done..nobody cares..
its okay sayang...

people dont give you strength when u really need it..people just listen and go..even u are facing big problems..people ignores you..when u need spirit..nobody around you..but if someone's favorites facing a tiny problems like..running out of hp credit..everybody offer nak bagi diorang punye phone so that that someone tak rase susah but you??nobody cares..
its okay sayang..

people dont noticed you  even you are doing something really good for others or  for yourself...even u berjaya..u got a career..but people still underestimated you...and at the same time..there someone's favorite doing something good..people gembar gemburkan..and even they are doing something bad..still people assumed as good..
its okay sayang.. 

people dont love you even you give all of your heart..u take care of treat them like in heaven..but still..people dont love you..people just play around with you..but there is someone's favorite..they treat people not as good as you..but people love them..
its okay sayang..

people dont like u..even hate everything about you..people hate what you wrote..people hate the way u dress..people hate your nature..everything that comes from u is to be hated by them..
but when someone's favorite doing something bad, something so called annyoing..but still people like them badly..
its okay sayang.. 

sayang..people always dont...
just because people dont..doesn't mean u have to quit from doing that..
just because people dont..doesnt mean you have no value..

just because people dont...
u should doing more and more:)

happy thursday dearest :')

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